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QUADRILLE – the choreo nite
Prizes worth ₹50k 🤑

Showcase and battle your group dance skills at Quadrille, where your team spirit, coordination and dance moves for 12 minutes might gift you up to ₹30k!
This is a group dance event taking place at St. Thomas Institute for Science & Technology, Kattaikonam, Thiruvananthapuram on May 12, 2022. Here, dancers can appear as a team (one from each college) and perform to a rhythm of their choice for 12 minutes or less. The performance of all teams will be judged and objectively evaluated by an expert judge, and the winners will be declared at the end.


⚠️ Each team will be given a maximum time slot of 12 minutes inclusive of stage setup. Music playback will be stopped at the allotted 12 minutes.
⚠️ A minimum 7 participants per team, excluding backstage helpers and a maximum of 25 including back stage helpers, will be allowed.
⚠️ Only one team is allowed from each college/institution.
⚠️ Every participant should carry their college issued ID card for registration and must have the same with them until the event ends.
⚠️ Fire, water, sand and/or other materials subject to causing potential harm to the stage and/or any other setups on stage, are not allowed.
⚠️ If there are any assistive materials, participants should bring them.
⚠️ Indecent conduct on stage will not be tolerated.
⚠️ Judge’s decision will be final and binding.
⚠️ Teams must submit their soundtrack in a USB pendrive or CD to the event coordinator prior to the start of the event.
⚠️ Teams should register on or before the closing date (please contact coordinators to know about the same).
⚠️ Participants are requested to take care of their belongings. Coordinators shall not be held responsible for their loss, if any.


🥇 1st Prize | ₹ 30k
🥈 2nd Prize | ₹ 20k

👱🏼 Muhammed R: +91 70256 62019
👱🏼‍♀️ Priya: +91 80781 41232

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